The souls of Thunder bay

The Great Spirit sits watching…..
Her tears flow…like the Red River
swallowing another victim. Another
one of her people taken too soon.

She looks down at the city, poison
running through her veins, hatred
prowling her streets. She sees the apathy,
the racism coming from those who are
meant to protect.

Streets and alleys filled with the souls
of her people, people let down by a system
designed to keep them in their place. She
reaches down and takes them into her bosom, she
sings them a song to calm their restless hearts.

Her song lights the path, a path that she has
walked too many times. She guides the way for
her people, into the spirit world her people walk,
leaving a world that has no justice…no peace.

The Great Spirit looks down at the city, at the world
she created, her tears continue to flow. “When will
there be a place for us?” She asks herself.
“When will we have justice, when will we have peace?”

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