Journey’s End

I sit there watching, 
as the last minutes
of your life reveal to me
the path you have taken.

I hear your cries as you
wake in an abandoned
world….alone. Taking
your first steps with the
help of no one.

You’re left with those
nobody wants and yet you
find your voice, you find
your soul, you find your strength.

I watch as you grow into yourself,
into your person. I watch as the world
takes advantage of you in
unspeakable ways but never
breaks you.

I watch you carry your first child
and then your second. You teach
us to live, to love who we become.
Your touch creates beauty everywhere
you go.

Your spirit is strong even though
your body is not. I watch you struggle,
unable to help but you tell me not
to worry.

I watch you fall, trapped between this
world and the next I am reminded that
all paths must end. As you expel your
last breath I see your spirit escape to

I smile as the tears roll down my face
for I now know that your path has not
ended but continues… the hearts of
those your beauty touched and the
lives you changed.

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