The Path

 Everyone has that one great love.
 Some manage to hang on to it for decades,
 while others lose it in a matter of days.
 And a few spend their lives searching for it.

 I found it, for three years my life was good.
 But like all things you need to nurture it,  
 care for it but like a short story our love 
 had run its course.
 Ever so painfully our paths parted, leading us 
 to different futures. For a time my heart shed 
 empty tears, I began to believe that love was 
 not for me.
 But love being the trickster that it is left 
 me a gift. Buried deep within my soul, she 
 had planted the seeds for my own rebirth.
 Password protected, the seeds could only 
 grow when I learned to accept myself. 
 Once that happened, I was able to teach 
 myself to heal, to learn that we needn’t 
 walk alone and that love was there if we wanted it. 

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