7th generation pt 6

Here is the next part of 7th Generation.
The following evening Diabo sat in a parked cruiser with Sgt Dawes waiting for Fred to come in to view. It had been decided that they’d wait until he had gotten his food before trying to apprehend him. “He’s suspected of killing how many?” “7 and those are the ones we know of.” “All of them were native?” “Yes.” “Why does he go after natives? There are so many other cultures here, Van city is a melting pot.” “Because people don’t care if an Indigenous women goes missing or is murdered.” “Really? I doubt it’s just about race.” Diabo just looked straight ahead, trying not to snap at Dawes, Fred had killed 7 women and right now he was the only thing on Diabo’s mind.
“Let me share something with you Dawes, I attended residential schools when I was a kid, they took me from my parents when I was just 8 years old; sent me to a place called the mush hole.” “Why they call it that?” Interrupted Dawes. “Because you were never the same when came out, the priests weren’t exactly the best care givers.” Diabo paused, remembering the evil of that place, the things that were inflicted on his brothers and sisters, the days filled with pain and the nights flooded with tears. “My point is Dawes is that we were taught to hate ourselves, taught that we were dirty, savage and godless when in truth it was those who ran the schools that were the savages.” They stole our children, raped our culture, robbed us of our very souls, they did this for over one hundred years and while they were screwing us they were spreading the same message to their own children.
The created the racism that we are facing today. And Shelly like thousands of others like her are the result of that racism.” Dawes reached over and extended his hand. “Detective, I’m sorry you went through that I really am, let’s get this animal. For Shelly and all the others.” As he shook Dawes hand, he saw him in a whole new light, it was a refreshing feeling and one he’d hope would last. A few minutes later Fred would come around the corner and that’s when all hell broke loose.

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