7th Generation part 4

“7?” Bertrand sat down at his desk, sweat starting form on his brow. Bertrand was part of the old guard of VCPD, a large man who made it a habit not to rock the boat and now because of this case the boat began to shake. “Yes sir, 7 victims so far and those are the ones we know of.” “And you want this case don’t you?” “Yes sir I do, we have a potential serial killer on our hands and he needs to be stopped before he takes any more lives.” “How’s your case load right now?” “What does that have to do with anything, this is a stone cold killer!” “I just don’t want us chasing our tales on this, that’s all and I can’t spare any extra man power.” Not surprising Diabo thought. “I can handle this!” “Then it’s yours, find out what you can and report back to me when you have something more concrete.” “Will do Captain, I may use Dr Palmer to help get through some red tape if that’s okay?” “Fine just get the job done!” When Det. Diabo left the office, he felt cautiously optimistic that his boss may have finally had his back. The case was his now and no matter how he felt at that moment he knew that he was about to walk into hell.

Thanks to calls made by Dr Palmer, Diabo had the personal effects of the other 6 victims within a week. They had all gone cold, the killer was a ghost. No prints, no evidence to speak of. All he had to go on were lists of the their personal effects which where he began. Each list had pretty much the same items, house/ car keys, wallet, credit cards, money but something was missing and just couldn’t put his finger on it. And then it hit him, he ripped open the box with Shelly’s personal effects until he found what he was looking for…car keys but where was her car and also where was her driver’s licence? He went through the other victims found that everyone one of them was missing their licence. Why, does he collect them? Souvenirs maybe? No matter what Diabo had his first lead, a slim lead but a lead nonetheless. Diabo got on the phone and called downstairs. “Sargent Dawes please.” “Dawes here.” “Dawes did you locate the victims car?” “Yea we did, we found it on Powell just off Main St.” “Where is it now?” “We towed it to the police impound and we’re waiting on forensics to finish going over it” “Good’ I need the report asap.” After getting off the phone with Dawes, Diabo now had a better idea of what happened to Shelly. Her body had been found in an alley just off east Pender st which was in the opposite direction of where her car was. Which means she had to have been snatched right near where she worked and that was the next place Diabo had to go.

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