7th Generation Vol 1 chapter 1

As many of you know I’m am working on a graphic novel and starting today I will be sharing chapters, every Tuesday I will release a chapter. I’m hoping that this will help to motivate me to write more so I can get this thing done. So here it is, feel free to share.

7th Generation Vol 1

600 years ago

In the deep woods of the wilderness 6 elders sit by a fire warming themselves. They come from different parts of Turtle Island, speak different languages, belong to different nations but on this night they all speak the same language…the language of peace and of wisdom. They have been coming to this place for nearly 400 years to share their wisdom but this year is different, this year there is an urgency for they have all foreseen the coming darkness, a darkness that will bring many tears and a lot of blood. They are the protectors of the land, chosen by the earth mother herself to protect her children. They know that this darkness cannot be stopped so this is why this meeting is so important? Because preparations are needed, an enemy who wears many masks is coming.

“How much time do we have?” “A generation maybe two.” “Creator help us!” “ What do we need to do?” “ What we have always done, teach, teach as many as we can.” “Let them know that the darkness is coming, that our warriors must be prepared, that our healers must protect the children and share the teachings. This enemy is violent, greedy and has no respect for the land.” “And what of our duty to the earth mother?” “ He is still trapped in his prison where he rots.” “But what of the darkness, what if it is able to break him out?” “Our Strongest medicine makes up his prison, he cannot escape.” “But what if he does, the destruction he did the last time he was free cost many warriors their lives.” “If he does escape then we will put him back.” “If he does escape then the upcoming darkness will only get worse and turtle Island will suffer because of it.” “That will not happen, we will help the coming generations become strong, to stand up to the darkness where ever it may lie. That is after all why she chose us.”

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