A little about me!

My name is Irkar Beljaars, I am Metis from Montreal, I have been working in social justice radio for nearly 5 years now. I work as a radio producer, producing Native Solidarity News and The Longhouse webcast on forgetthebox.net. My next project is producing The Longhouse Program, a 30min weekly radio feature airing on the Pacifica network in the United States.

I also help organize events like the Sister’s in Spirit vigil, Day of actions and film nights. I am called on to speak about various first nation issues at universities and community centres in Canada. I sit on the board of Directors of the National Campus Radio Association as director of the Native caucus. I’m currently writing a play for this years infringement festival which takes place in Montreal every year. Other work includes doing freelance writing work for the Nation Magazine which focuses on the issues facing the Cree up in Northern Quebec.