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27th February
written by admin

Inspired by Tina Fontaine

Living the Dream

I’m living the dream, the dream where women are are free, free to explore themselves, be themselves before the vicious white patriarchy cuts them down for sport.

These women are beautiful, these women are fierce. They laugh at the inevitable violence every one of them will face. They laugh because they know that it cannot last.

One by one their beauty is carved up for the masses to consume, thier spark swallowed by the holy violence of their male oppressors. The never ending cycle of youth taken away from the breast of life to be fed to the machine.

These beautiful women of colour where society discards them like trash, sold like slaves to white families with picket fences that hide atrocities that no woman should face.

Soulless, loveless the machine knows what it wants, it wants our young beautiful women, our future.

The ones who survive are the ones who beat the machine, they become the teachers for the ones taken away to live the dream.

27th February
written by admin

If I could go back

I would have played by myself.

I would have gone far enough away so I couldn’t hear your voices.

I would have learned to run faster.

If I could go back.

I wouldn’t have gone to your house.

I wouldn’t have let you touch me.

I wouldn’t have let you rape me.

I would have told my mom.

If I could go back.

I wouldn’t have eaten my lunch in the cafeteria.

I wouldn’t have believed you when you said you my friends.

I wouldn’t have tolerated your bullying.

I would have stood up to you.

If I could go back.

I wouldn’t have left you that morning.

I would have talked to you more.

I would learned CPR.

If I could go back.

I wouldn’t have let you hit me.

I wouldn’t have let you abuse me.

I walked away from you.

I can’t go back so…

I’m going to heal.

I’m going to speak loudly for justice.

I’m going to stand up to oppression.

I’m going to love myself.

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