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9th November
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The 2016 election will go down as one of the worst catastrophes in US election history. I have been watching US politics for over 20 years and I have never seen so much corruption, incompetence, racism and fear and there’s plenty of blame to go around so let’s start with the Democrats.

When the election began there was no clear contender that could easily replace Obama. Obama for all his faults and there are many was, is the epitome of class. He faced challenges no other president ever had to face. The republicans were determined to stop him in any way possible because in my opinion that hated that a black man was in power and was doing well. Obama being the patient man that he is tried to work with the right but to no avail and to make things worse right wing media did everything they could to attack the Obama and his family. No other president has ever been treated this disrespectfully. But I digress…

When the election first started, two contenders with two different visions began their fight for the white house. Hilary Clinton, wife of former president Bill Clinton was already portrayed as the presumptive nominee and that’s where I feel is she and her campaign failed. To say that Clinton had baggage is an understatement, the Republicans made sure to keep Bengazi in the peoples consciousness with frivolous hearing on capitol hill. This and that she was married to Bill was enough for the right wing to pick her apart which they did. Still she didn’t act like she was ever in the fight, it wasn’t until Bernie Sanders lit a fire under the collective asses of the left that she began to really campaign. When Bernie Sanders jumped into the race, no one gave him much of a chance including the DNC who did everything to limit Bernie’s message.

Bernie’s message resonated with many voters, he began his political career during the civil rights movement. He was is a champion for the little guy and the reason wall street is scared of him. Debbie Wasserman Schultz the DNC chair was caught rigging the primaries in favour of Clinton, Wasserman Schultz dismissed Sanders message and the thousands of voters he could have brought with him. Wasserman Schultz ended up resigning in disgrace but the damage was done and Clinton became the democratic nominee. All of this would leave a divided left wing with Bernie supporters threatening to stay home on election day. I believe that this came back to bite the DNC in the ass last night which it did in spades.

Naturally there are two sides to every election and on the right you have the racist, misogynistic, tax cheating orangutan Donald Trump who road to the white house was filled with gaffe after gaffe. To say that Donald Trump used fear, racism and outright lies to get support would be an understatement. In my over 20 years watching politics I have never seen a more offensive buffoon. He’s like the personification of every internet troll out there. When he called Mexicans rapists and murders I thought he was finished but his base loved him, when the KKK endorsed him they still loved him. Make America great again, when was America ever great, was it during the over 200 years of slavery, the genocide of Indigenous peoples, during Jim Crow, the Japanese internment camps, the mistreatment of women?

The reason Trumps message resonated with people is because many whites have an inherent distrust of people of colour. Trump tapped into that hate and used it to propel him to the top. The primary debates were like an episode of Jerry Springer, everyone trying to one up themselves when it came to hate. And that is what the Republican party has become, the party of hate. They hate abortion and attack women because they want common sense reproductive rights, they hate Muslims because they aren’t Christians, they hate the LGBTQ because in there limited view god hates them. Micheal Moore said it best in Bowling for Columbine, America was built on fear and fear leads to hate. During the Obama presidency the Republican establishment created, bottled and sold hate which you saw in the debates. They embraced the lunatic fringe, they took the guy who stood on the street corner yelling about the end of the world, dressed him up and put him in front of the cameras. The Palin’s, the Bachman’s, the Beck’s, all of them breeding hate so naturally the ground was fertile for someone like Trump come around and use it to get elected. The Republicans are no longer that party of Regan, they have lost their identity, the racist lunatic fringe is at the wheel and the train has gone off the tracks. Trump is the epitome of what capitalism is and we should all be very afraid of whats coming. Trump’s VP is Mike Pence, a hardened anti abortionist who’s all about taking women’s reproductive rights away. And since congress stalled on Obama’s supreme court Trump get’s to pick someone new and I fear that with someone like Pence on the ticket they will go after Roe V Wade.

One of the many things I noticed from the media last night was their collective surprise of Trump’s win but to me it wasn’t surprising at all. The media failed the electorate, they focused on the frivolous when they should have been focusing on how dangerous nationalism and politics can be when put together. They should have calling Trump what he is, a racist, tax cheating, bankrupt, sexual predator that had support from the KKK, right wing militias, anti abortionists and misinformed fox news viewers. The next 4 years are going to be interesting but for the wrong reasons. I fear for Americans that will face new attacks, for being Muslim, for being black, Latino, Indigenous, LGBTQ, for being a woman. Dark days are ahead, not just for America but for the world.

Nationalism has reared it’s ugly head, it started in Britain it’s now America and soon France and Germany who are both facing surges from right wing nationalists. All of whom are attacking the very people who are victims of the never ending attacks by the west on there countries. The west created this whole mess and the victims who should be embraced and cared for are being vilified by the very people who put them there in the first place. Unfortunately it’s going to get worse before it gets better if it gets better.

I am reminded of something Queen Latifah once said. “Get Ready for a whole lotta ugly coming from never ending parade of stupid”.

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